Jan 29, 2023Liked by Maryam Adetona

It’s really great to finally hear from you. I definitely missed your random tweets and the cheer you brought to my timeline.

I’m glad you are in a better place now and I pray Allah continues to ease all your affairs.

Love, a Fan😍❤️

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Jan 28, 2023Liked by Maryam Adetona


It’s so good to hear back from you

When I saw the notification, I almost got confused but it’s really good to hear from you and read about all what your 2022 was about in few readings

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And how's your health now? Glad to hear you're back on your feet.

May Allah ease your affairs. Better days awaits you darling. Your purpose in life shall be fulfilled bihidnillah.

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“I have since learnt the futility of hanging the validity of a year solely on ticking off certain accomplishments, of holding out so fervently for one thing while blatantly ignoring everything else” - This is a favourite and affirming sentence. Glad you got through your surgery. In some of my wildest imaginations, I see myself dying on the table during surgery. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies.

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