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I used to journal occasionally. But ever since I started my lab posting as a medical laboratory science student, I've been journaling more frequently. I write down my daily experiences at the laboratory there.

But no, I don't usually have a face or picture in mind whenever I'm journaling.

I admire your writing skills a lot! I'm a really big fan!

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Love, love this. Thank you for writing this.

I do journal, consistently then I stop abruptly to pick it up after a month or two. lol

My audience is my future self.

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I love you, okay.

Thank you Maryam for this particular newsletter. I will favorite it in my mail and heart and come back to it everytime I feel lost.

Hope your sister gets better soon♥️

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Making peace with a decision always seems like a long road but in the long run,we expect better

I hope your sister gets better soon and welldone on taking care of her.

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